Samplesize comparison

This is a comparison of A/B testing with a fixed samplesize test versus a sequential GLR test (via SeGLiR). Click to generate data from the given proportions p1 and p2 and simulate outcomes of the test as well as how many samples are needed.

Both tests are "comparison of proportions" tests done at α-level 0.05, β-level 0.10, where the null-hypothesis is that p1 = p2, while the alternative hypothesis is that p1 p2. We also specify that we are interested in detecting any difference between p0 and p1 larger than 0.01. Note that the fixed sample-size test always needs 52425 samples to conclude, while the samplesize needed for the sequential GLR test varies depending on the generated data as well as the true difference between p0 and p1.

For more information about the sequential GLR test take a look at the reference of SeGLiR.

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